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Dumb Blonde

May 20, 2021

We are back for Season 3! Bunnie goes big and kicks off this season with Part One of guest Mary Carey, Ex-porn actress, Model, Reality TV star, and two time Governor Candidate of California. This silly and not so dumb busty blonde shares how she got into adult film, what her first scene was like, how she won the hearts of men such as Howard Stern and Eminem, and why she is deciding to run for Governor in California again. Mary talks about being a little girl dreaming of running her own ballet studio to now possibly running the state of California. Chances are you've seen her on TV, now get ready to see her on the campaign trail. 


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"We are all working through childhood trauma, so don't think you are more f*cked up than anyone else." - Bunnie
"If something is not fun, I don't do it." - Mary