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Dumb Blonde

Jun 30, 2021

The moment Bunnie has been waiting for has finally arrived - the fashion industry icon and her long lost soul sister Nikki Lipstick is here. In Part One, She and Bunnie also talk about surviving beauty school, the good ole days of MySpace, Nikki's cupcake pasties that went viral, and why she isn't too big to sit in her living room and sew her clothing herself. She talks about overcoming legal and industry challenges and thriving in a man's world, and why no matter how famous she gets, she is always just a beach kid from San Diego at heart. 


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  • "You have to show up for yourself." - Nikki 
  • "If you do something with your heart, no one can take it from you." - Nikki 
  • "When you can dream something that can heal you, that's the gift." - Nikki