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Dumb Blonde

Oct 14, 2020


Madison Morgan plays Never Have I Ever with Bunnie and talks about her day to day life as a content creator. 

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  • Madison Morgan just hit 1 million followers on Instagram
    • A typical day for Madison starts off with waking up around 9 am, a makeup artist comes over around 11 am, and then she starts posting content
  • She started in the webcam business about 8 years ago
    • Then she started doing premium snapchat about 2 years ago
    • She opened her OnlyFans account about a year ago
      • Madison treats OnlyFans like a job, and attributes her success with it to that
    • Bunnie and Madison play Never Have I Ever:
      • “Never have I ever had sex with two different people without showering in between”
      • “Never have I ever had sex in a hot tub”
        • Madison did on her 18th birthday
      • “Never have I ever slept with my boss or teacher to get ahead”
        • Madison had a boss at a webcam studio and slept with him at work because she really liked him.
      • “Never have I ever filmed my partner while having sex without them knowing”
        • She hasn’t but now she wants to
      • “Never have I ever used another person’s razor to shave my pubic hair”
        • She has; girls share razors all the time so it’s not a really big deal
      • “Never have I ever been an escort or a prostitute”
        • Madison hasn’t; she was a dancer prior to the pandemic though
      • “Never have I ever had a pregnancy scare”
        • Madison laughed and said she literally has one every month
      • “Never have I ever wanted to f*ck someone playing this game right now”
      • “Never have I ever been told what to do during sex”
        • Bunnie and Madison both love that- a lot of CEO’s love to be dominated
      • “Never have I ever masturbated to someone in this room”
        • Madison said she is going to change that really soon
      • “Never have I ever had sex in the sea”
        • Bunnie doesn’t like having sex in water- it hurts
        • Madison agrees- by the sea is cool, not in the sea
      • “Never have I ever paid for a hotel room for one night only to have sex”
        • Bunnie has done that many times
      • “Never have I ever been paid for sex”
        • Madison hasn’t but she wants to. She said it would make her feel both dirty and powerful
      • “Never have I ever had a sexual failure”
      • “Never have I ever slapped someone in the face during sex”
        • They both love getting slapped during sex.
        • Madison shot content with a guy one time who was a hippy and she was surprised that he was really into it
      • “Never have I ever had a sexual injury”
        • A few days ago, Madison was shooting a BDSM video and she had her hands tied behind her back with a ball gag in. The guy was really girthy and he was pile driving her and half of it went in her butt and it threw her through the roof.  She said she basically dies for like thirty seconds but then they kept going
      • “Never have I ever had sex with a virgin”
        • Madison actually lost her virginity to a virgin. She also took her old roommate’s virginity but after he got too clingy years later, she moved out
        • Madison and Bunnie are both still friends with the guys they lost their virginity to
      • “Never have I ever had sex in a hospital”
        • Hospitals just don’t appeal to Madison or Bunnie.
      • “Never have I ever had sex with someone more than twice my age”
        • Bunnie loves silver foxes like Dr. Drew
        • Madison’s thinks Hugh Jackman is super hot
      • “Never have I ever fingered a woman or been fingered during a movie, in the back or a taxi, or on an airplane”
        • During a movie for sure- Madison did in an uber too. Bunnie gave a guy a BJ on a plane
      • “Never have I ever had sex with a model”
        • Madison doesn’t really go for models; her type kind of varies but she loves that white trash look and she’s into older guys
      • “Never have I ever required medical attention because there was a foreign object stuck inside of me”
        • Madison hasn’t. Bunnie tried a trick one time when she was on her period where she put a makeup sponge inside of her, but it was really hard to get back out
      • “Never have I ever preferred a sex toy over my partner”
        • Just use one at the same time as your partner!  
      • “Never have I ever watched porn with animals”
        • Neither Bunnie nor Madison have ever had an interest in that
      • “Never have I ever had sex in my parents’ bed”
        • Madison had sex in her boyfriend’s parents’ bed, but never her own parents.
      • “Never have I ever sniffed someone’s underwear”
        • Bunnie’s husband has a bad habit of mixing his clean clothes and dirty clothes so she has sniffed his boxers before to try and figure out if its clean or dirty
      • “Never have I ever worn latex clothing during sex”
        • Bunnie absolutely loves latex but Madison doesn’t like it. Latex makes you sweat and if you have a spray tan it makes you look like you rolled around in coffee grounds
      • “Never have I ever had to lie about my number to avoid judgement”
        • Madison isn’t ashamed of her body count, she has never lied about it.
      • Madison is currently single
        • She is open to dating but dating in general is hard
        • Madison has hooked up with people who slide in her DM’s
        • Madison has been engaged before but never married
      • Madison and Bunnie are going to make content sometime this week together



“I try to never set an alarm if I can help it… Hugh Hefner didn’t do that” – Madison

“Yeah! Pro Hoe!” – Madison

“I couldn’t be with a dude who wasn’t aggressive in bed” – Bunnie

“The guy you have the best sex with is the guy who should be in prison” – Madison

“I love silver foxes” – Bunnie




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