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Dumb Blonde

Sep 23, 2020

Thane talks about his behavioral problems growing up in a group home and transitioning to his multifaceted success as a meal prep company owner, fitness trainer, father, and OnlyFans content creator. 

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  • Thane is originally from Arizona
  • Growing up without a father, he was always in trouble as a child and ended up in a group home from ages 15 to 18
    • Thane’s father was a drug addict and wasn’t in his life, but his mom was always there for him
  • From fighting to drug use, Thane faced many battles with finding himself.
  • His meal prep company, Fuego Meals, donates a certain amount of every purchase towards Group Homes and helping children young adults to build a foundation for a successful future
  • Thane got into football in high school to keep himself out of trouble
    • He ended up breaking state records, getting offers from colleges like Illinois State University, and ultimately proving to himself that he could make a change In his life for the better
  • Getting involved in football really sparked a change in Thane’s life, but he’s always kept his fighting spirit
  • He graduated high school and had great grades, but lost his scholarship to a Division 1 school because he missed the SAT test and wasn’t allowed to retake it
  • At the last minute, he got an offer to go to a college in California
    • This was a huge change for Thane
      • He was taking 21 college credits, working on the weekends at Chipotle and trying to find financial stability while pursuing his future
      • He felt like he had a new shot at life and didn’t want to be like his dad
      • Life really began to take off for him
    • He started seeing a woman that he had known since 8th grade
      • She is now his baby mama and they have an adorable son together
      • They are no longer together but their son always comes first in their lives 
      • Thane gave up his football career to be a full-time dad
    • After working at a moving company, then working for a plumbing company, and almost working for a solar company, he began to realize he didn’t want to work for other people anymore and wanted to really take charge of his life
      • He quit his job at the solar panel company and decided to become a Chippendale dancer
      • The next day, he got into a really bad accident- he got hit by a semitruck and almost lost his life
      • Chippendales wouldn’t keep him signed on because of his injuries and inability to train for the tour, and he couldn’t get his job back at the solar panel company
      • He felt defeated, but his son motivated him to keep pushing
    • Thane started training people and began utilizing his strengths
      • He started getting more and more clients
      • A lot of his female clients came onto him after sessions
        • He took his professionalism very seriously and never pursued any offers
        • This led to him starting his OnlyFans
          • He started seeing a new girl and she wasn’t comfortable with him doing it, so he stopped
          • They moved to Miami together and he began dancing at clubs
          • He was making so much more money working less hours
          • After their relationship ended, COVID hit, and he started back his OnlyFans which became very successful in a short amount of time
        • The thing about OnlyFans is anyone can do it- everyone has their own type that they are attracted to, so there’s always room for more content creators and it is a great way to make money
          • Thane is very selective about who he will make content with, but he does do collabs with other content creators
        • Thane’s life advice to everyone is to stay resilient and never give up


“I think that’s when my life changed…I started to get confidence” – Thane

“Don’t let the pretty face fool you, I roll like a boss” – Bunnie

“I think guys put up with more than the girls do as far as dancing” – Thane

“Guys like girl next door types” – Bunnie




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