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Dumb Blonde

Sep 9, 2020

Keta Musik and Bunnie talk about Keta’s come up from her fight with addiction to becoming a successful musician.  Keta gives a sneak peak of her amazing talent as well as some details on her upcoming project with Jelly and Viking Barbie.    

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  • Bunnie met Keta through her friend, Viking Barbie, and they instantly clicked and have been friends ever since
  • Jelly, Viking Barbie, and Keta are working on some new music that Jelly is producing
  • Keta has always loved music and moved to LA when she was 19 years old
    • She met Viking Barbie in an AA meeting and they became great friends
    • They started writing a song together and instantly grew an appreciation for each other’s talent
  • Keta was born in a small town called Red Bluff, CA
    • She got put on parole at 19 and bought a trailer and was selling meth to make ends meet
    • She got suspended from school for getting into a fight and got into an accident when she borrowed her neighbors quad and was out riding in a field. Keta flipped the vehicle and fractured almost everything on her right side. 
    • She received settlement money and started selling drugs
    • She quickly realized she didn’t want to be a drug dealer and that she needed a lifestyle change; LA was her way out
  • When Keta got to LA, she was 19 and one of her “friends” got her into a sticky situation with drugs once again
    • Keta grew up without structure and had to figure out most of her life on her own
    • She learned how to boss up and take control of her life through dancing
  • Keta’s drug addiction nearly ruined her life.
    • She got sober for a while and would then spiral out again
    • Between meth, heroine, and suboxone, her life was a constant roller coaster dealing with addiction
    • Keta even got arrested for trafficking heroine at one point
  • Keta’s constant battle with drug addiction and breaking the law led to her finally getting into rehab and seeking professional help
    • The first week she was in rehab, she actually got kicked out for fraternizing with another patient
    • After leaving the rehab facility, Keta asked to be referred to another place because she knew she would die if she didn’t take getting sober seriously
    • She was 3 years clean and relapsed
  • The one thing that stuck with Keta throughout her life struggles was always music
    • Keta really respects independent musicians who have to work hard and pay for everything they put into their music
    • The music industry is a beast; it can be a shady, scary place
  • Bunnie and Jelly want to help Keta bring her music to the forefront and allow herself to be creative in the way that she wants
  • If you’re struggling with addiction, Keta says just hold on and pray. Spirituality is a huge thing that can help you through anything in life.  Never be afraid to ask for help.  Don’t give up on the work in progress that you are- life gives us beautiful things in unexpected ways. 



 “Every time I started shooting drugs, God arrested me” – Keta

“I’m a professional partier” – Keta

“I felt like I was Robin Hood; I would rob from the rich and give to the poor… and I was the poor one” – Bunnie

“[Music] was the light at the end of the tunnel” – Keta




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