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Dumb Blonde

Feb 5, 2020

We all know Bunnie loves to scroll the ‘gram and scout for talent, and when she discovered Nashville based singer-songwriter Kenzi Lewis she couldn’t wait to share her angelic voice and great tone with you.

Kenzi joins the show to talk about being featured twice on American Idol, expose some of the dark and shady secrets in the music industry, and to perform and share the inspiration behind one of her favorite songs, “Tattooed with Bad Luck”. 

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  • Kenzi was born a performer and sang at her mom’s wedding when she was just two years old. 
  • Kenzi went to the American Idol group rounds when she was 15, and sang her heart out in front of J-Lo and Steven Tyler. 
  • Kenzi’s daughter inspires her to be a strong woman and set an example of what strength and grace look like. 
  • More than a million people have enjoyed Kenzi’s music on her YouTube, and her messages of overcoming addiction and abuse help them get through their personal struggles. 
  • Kenzi has two singles out and is currently working on a new album out soon. 
  • Nashville’s music row tries to portray innocence, but really there are some dark secrets. 



  • “Depression is really serious, and there needs to be more light shed on it.” 
  • “If I drank a Monster, I would be up for 4 days naturally and clawing the walls.” 




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