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Dumb Blonde

Dec 11, 2019

Jelly, the most requested and beloved guest, is back and ready to tell nothing but the truth! Daddy and Bunnie talk about how they both rule at creating nicknames that stick, a few of the many emotional fan encounters that have inspired him when creating, and the inside info about his appearance on the recent Chelsea Handler documentary. Then, Jelly gives us a sneak peek into what’s in store for new music and tour dates. 

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  • Picture how cute you think Daddy’s butt is IRL, and Bunnie promises it’s even cuter. 
  • Bunnie and J have been hitting the fertility clinic in hopes of a new family member soon, but don’t expect any pregnancy announcements or pics until the baby is out! 
  • When creating his EP’s, Jelly makes sure every track represents his own artistry and authenticity. No fillers here, folks. 
  • Jelly pulls from both his own pain and the pain of his loved ones and fans when writing. He is super empathetic and thinks all the time about the emotional encounters he has with you guys and all of the personal stories you share with him. 
  • Strap in because 2020 is going to be lit for Jelly and Bunnie including world tours to just about every location you guys have mentioned, and some dope new music. 
  • Jelly just told his honest truth on comedian Chelsea Handler’s documentary, Hello, Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea. He has gotten a ton of good feedback on his appearance. 
  • There is no better motivation for Jelly to continue to work on his fitness and health goals than the thought of him and Bunnie doing their own porn. Or at the very least, a 2020 calendar. 



  • "I get tagged from someone at least once a day telling me to put a baby in you.” 
  • “I’m not writing my song at this point, I’m writing everyone else’s song.” 
  • “Whatever I do, I want it to be authentic.” 
  • “Don’t ever thank for me telling the truth.” 



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