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Dumb Blonde

Nov 13, 2019

Bunnie and Professional Wrestler Katie Forbes were co-stalking each other online, and finally, these two meet for an explosive and fun interview. Katie shares her path from attending wrestling school to now being internationally famous with thousands of people screaming her name on any given night. She also talks about what it’s like paying your dues in the wrestling industry, the training behind her beautiful strong body, and how on earth she gets 11 hours of sleep a night. 

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  • Katie goes back and forth to LA a lot, but she moved to Vegas in January and is loving every minute of it. 
  • Take it from Bunnie and Katie — go to New Orleans. The people, food, and culture just can’t be topped. 
  • Katie has been wrestling for 5 years. She went to school to pay her dues, and get experience in front of crowds. She got signed after 2 years and before she knew it her beautiful face was all over the flyers and promotional materials. 
  • With her skills, stage presence and beauty, you better believe Katie gets DM’s from all over the world, including India. 
  • Women are running sh*t right now in wrestling, and there is some good money to be made if you are as badass and talented as Katie. 
  • While Bunnie just got 30 minutes of deep sleep, Katie trains hard and sleeps hard, resting her body for up to 11 hours a night. 
  • On Katie’s OnlyFans account you will see her twerking turned up even more, with her hottest girlfriends also around for some pool party action. 



  • “We all have a little inner ratchet. Actually, I have a lot.” - B 
  • “In wrestling, it’s not about what you look like, it’s about the respect you have earned.” - K 
  • “No one wants to see a bunch of balls flappin’ in their face.” - B 
  • “It says something about the relationship when you have a man that supports you.” - B





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