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Dumb Blonde

Oct 23, 2019

Social media star and comedian Charlie Classic joins Bunnie for a crazy ASMR game. We swear, you’ve never heard a crouton crunching sound so sexy before. He and Bunnie also talk about Area 51 and UFO sightings, white trash mansions and the inspiration behind Charlie’s comedic genius.  

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● Charlie Classic is a social media star and comedian. He also is a trooper, as he was just diagnosed with gastroparesis, and is adjusting to a new healthy diet.  

● Charlie’s moved to Las Vegas from Jersey because, like most everyone in Jersey, he couldn’t stand Jersey anymore.  

● Want to live large in a White Trash mansion of your own? Check out Las Vegas — you can buy a beautiful place for way less expensive than places like LA.  

● This may be because she has alien blood coursing through her veins, but Bunnie promises us she has seen a UFO. Twice.  

● ASMR is huge, so of course Bunnie is going to do it her way and make a game out of it. She blindfolds Charlie and bites into foods, with Charlie guessing what exactly it is  that she is eating.  

● We will keep the game answers a surprise, but just know that Bunnie has to eat one of her least favorite foods — Cheetos. Gross! The things she will do for you guys.  


● “I have so many peole that want me to do the ASMR thing and I’m like ‘what do you

want me to do, sex sounds?’”

● “Me being blindfolded has ended terribly every  time it’s ever happened to me.”

● “Are you eating a f**cking onion?”



Charlie Classic

Storm Area 51

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