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Dumb Blonde

Aug 28, 2019

Coming to you from world famous Gleason’s gym in Brooklyn, NY, Bunnie steps in the interview ring with professional boxer and MMA artist, Heather Hardy. She’s beautiful, she’s savage, and she’s well versed in forensic psychology, so don’t try and pull anything past her. Heather talks about how she got into competing and went on to become the WBO women’s featherweight champion. She also shares about the personal times in life that she was down but then got back up to win.



  • In school, Heather dreamed of becoming the first female pitcher for the Yankees. We still wouldn’t rule it out.
  • Heather was a tomboy growing up, and majored in forensic psychology.
  • She fell into fighting in 2010 after a divorce left her feeling alone and searching for more meaning and joy in life. Within 3 weeks she had her first fight and won, and then went on to win every title you can win as amateur.
  • Heather is very vocal about the tremendous pay disparity in women’s sports and advocates for equal opportunities for women and men.
  • Heather will be defending her WBO world title for boxing next with two big fights coming up.
  • Two major lessons Heather learned from working in a male dominated industry: know your worth, and speak up for your own truth.
  • Heather is a very proud mom of her 15 year old daughter Annie, and Annie is her reason to wake up and conquer every morning.
  • Yes, cutting weight is as hard as it sounds.



  • “I diagnose people as they walk by me.”
  • “The minute the ref held my hand and I won, it was like nothing I’ve ever felt before.”
  • “I wanted my banner to hang as a world champion. It was my dream from day one.”
  • “When you get real with yourself, life becomes so much easier.”



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