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Dumb Blonde

Jul 31, 2019

Dancer and lap dance extraordinaire, Audrey Angstrom, is live and direct from Los Angeles this week with Bunnie to teach you how to do a real lap dance for your man. Audrey talks about how she got started as a dancer, how much money she makes, the tough part of hustling your body, and what her time in rehab taught her. She and Bunnie also talk about getting out of abusive relationships, and her poetry book Overwhelmed. Get those headphones on and be ready to blow your man’s mind with this one.

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  • Audrey has been dancing for 5 years, and found that she made more money doing it than any job she had before. On a good night, she makes $1,000 or more.
  • It’s not all just dollar bills flying though. The dancers work super hard to promote, and have to sell bottle service or else eat that charge on their own. Maybe Bunnie will start a Strippers Union soon to represent justice for all!?
  • Audrey self published her poetry book Overwhelmed, to help process her own trauma and recovery and help others out through whatever demons they are fighting on their end.
  • Audrey was in rehab in a super intense in-patient treatment, and learned so much about her own strength and resilience throughout the process. She takes it one day at a time and does a lot of self care in between giving the best lap dances.
  • You can break out of an abusive relationship. Audrey did so herself, and shares the pain of how brainwashed you become when you are in an abuse cycle.
  • Audrey is pansexual, which means she doesn’t see people as gender. She loves who she loves, and her love has no boundaries.
  • Okay here it is — the most basic lap dance rules: give steady eye contact, make your touch soft and sensual and not like a Neanderthal, move slow, and shake it all.



  • “They don’t call it a house fee, our manager calls it a ‘donation’.”
  • “Made double my paycheck on the first night.”
  • “I can sell used underwear back to someone.”
  • “Square bitches are rude as f*ck.”
  • “Going to rehab was a blessing.”



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