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Dumb Blonde

Jan 11, 2021

This week, Bunnie is joined by Psychic Medium and Spiritualist Paige, who uses her superpowers to help others move away from fear and elevate to their highest purpose. Paige and Bunnie talk about their own spiritual encounters, and Bunnie tells a story that will never have you seeing the Easter Bunny the same way. Paige also talks about what to watch out for in a spiritual healer, how to embrace your own psychic gifts, and why you may not want mirrors in your bedroom. Then, Bunnie gets a psychic reading and finds out some of the crazy things in store for 2021 with her career and relationship with Jelly. 


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Contrary Cherry 


"Have faith in yourself. Don't write anything off before you try."  - Paige 
"3D us isn't going to help us, it's the 5D us that is going to light the path." - Paige