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Dumb Blonde

Jul 28, 2021

Jelly makes his first appearance this season to talk with Bunnie about his love of gaming and golfing, what he's been buying on Amazon, and the IG post that made everyone talk. Jelly and Bunnie talk about mental health and how music has the power to help us work through our issues. Jelly talks about the positive things that have come from surrounding himself with good people, why it's okay for people to change, and the TWO different albums we can expect from him soon. 
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  • "At core, I'm a songwriter. I speak for the forgotten."  - Jelly 
  • "People undermine how much I don't care." - Jelly 
  • "I was trying to write songs to get me out of a lifestyle that a lot of people were writing songs to try and get themselves into." - Jelly 
  • "Those who are probably the saddest try to make people smile." - Jelly 
  • "Never in my life could you have told me that my husband would be a full fledged gamer." - Bunnie
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