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Dumb Blonde

Mar 25, 2020

Christy Monroe is not only a stripper, but a nationally touring headlining comedian, architect, author, martial artist, and so much more.

She’s had one of the wildest lives out there and talks to Bunnie about how she made positive out of the negative, including the somewhat illegal. She talks about her horrific childhood trauma, her book Something Ridiculous, and how she blends her stripping and comedy together on stage. 

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  •  Christy wrote her book, Something Ridiculous, as a way to remind people they aren’t alone. Her father committed suicide when she was a child, and the domino effect from it all led to trauma with abuse, sex trafficking, and human slavery. 


  • Something Ridiculous discloses some pretty intense things, but it’s Christy’s truth and important to learn from it so we can protect and save others. 


  • After Christy escaped the pedophilia and being locked in a basement for 8 months, she attended school for architecture and paved her own path of healing and success. She also started teaching martial arts. 
  • The first stripper names are the best. Christy’s was the simple Katie, while Bunnie’s was Martell, after the liquor. 
  • Christy thought she was just going to strip one night, but the $1400 she made on her first day certainly changed her mind quickly. 
  • Christy is now a headlining stand-up comedian and just finished up a month-long tour. She loves performing and her comedy is just her being herself and saying out loud the thoughts she usually thinks on the pole or the stage. 



  • “The entire point of the book is to make people feel less alone.” 
  • “If there is one thing that Brian the pedophile taught me, it’s that no one on the planet does their job.” 
  • “I’m a pretty lazy stripper, I work like once a week tops.” 



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