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Dumb Blonde

Jul 1, 2020

Jelly Roll talks about his new song “Save Me” and his newest album that is in production.  Bunnie and Jelly answer questions from fans. 

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  • Jelly's new song “Save Me” was written in just a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. That Monday, they shot the video for it. 
  • The song hit 1 million views on Father’s Day on YouTube, in just four days. It also hit 2 million in less than a week on Facebook, and so far, has 100,000+ views on Twitter and Instagram.      
  • On last week’s episode, Felicia, Jelly’s Baby mama, spoke out about her struggle with addiction. Jelly is so happy to see her sober and back in Bailee’s life.   
  • Jelly is currently working on a new album. He has been writing constantly and now wants to let the album breathe and find a good balance.   
  • Artists want to feel free to do what they want to do, and Jelly feels so blessed that his fan base allows him to have that creative freedom. 
  • Bunnie and Jelly answer more fan questions:
    • “What do you think a big turn off in the bedroom is?”
      • Smells- anything that doesn’t smell appealing
    • “Is Jelly still playing in NOLA on the 10th?”
      • Every show that has been booked and is still not cancelled is due to the fact that the state hasn’t cancelled it. Jelly and his team have never cancelled a show on this run.  A lot of the venues want to cancel but are waiting for the official word from the government. 
      • Jelly promises to put out more music this year than the last three years combined.
    • “What is your favorite scary movie?”
      • Jelly loves all the classic scary movies; The Halloween movies, Friday the 13th, etc.
      • Bunnie likes the Devil’s Rejects
      • Their favorite show is American Horror Story
    • “What’s up with Noah?”
      • Noah’s mother wants him to have a private life, and Jelly respects that. They love him very much.
    • “How do you spend the first hour of your morning to get ready for your day?”
      • Bunnie is a workaholic and she wants to get better at taking time for herself. Jelly sits at the kitchen table and will drink up to a half gallon of water to try to get his body ready for the day.  Bunnie is a slow riser in the morning, while Jelly likes to get up right away. 
    • “How do you feel about women subscribing to your OnlyFans?”
      • Bunnie thinks it’s great! Sometimes the mass DM’s she sends out are geared more towards men, but she loves that women subscribe as well!
    • “What pick up line did you use to get Bunnie?”
      • Jelly didn’t use a pickup line at all. Bunnie and Jelly met at a show and they smoked a joint with some random girls and a friend of Bunnie’s.  Bunnie sensed that Jelly was sad and mad a lot, and she wanted to help fix him. 
    • “Have you guys ever had to go to marriage counseling? Any tips on getting your partner to listen?”
      • Getting someone to listen is hard, if someone doesn’t truly comprehend what you’re trying to say, they’ll never get it- but that’s where counseling can help. Find a counselor together and don’t be afraid to see several before you settle on one. 
    • “Jelly, will you get ordained and marry me and my future husband?”
      • Jelly is all about love- he’s totally down.
    • “How can I make myself enjoy anal a little more for my hubby? He loves it but it hurts me sometimes. Does Jelly like it?”
      • Jelly isn’t into it and Bunnie doesn’t find it enjoyable.
    • “My girlfriend wants to have a threesome and her bff wants to be in it, but her bff is like my little sister. What do I do?”
      • Jelly and Bunnie have brought a few of Bunnie’s friends into the bedroom. They enjoy it and it has always worked out better that way. 
    • “Do you (Jelly) only get your dick sucked or do you fuck people?”
      • They’ve done both. They’ve even had a foursome before. 
    • “When are you going to feature Bailee again?”
      • On Jelly’s next album
    • “When are you guys gonna make a porn on PornHub?”
      • PornHub doesn’t pay enough but check out Bunnie’s Only Fans for exclusive content!
    • “What’s your favorite physical feature of J and vice versa?”
      • Bunnie’s favorite feature on Jelly is his face. Jelly’s favorite feature on Bunnie is either her face or midriff. 
    • “What are you and your family going to be for Halloween this year?”
      • They haven’t decided yet but they love Halloween- Jelly likes the gory costumes and specifically loves clowns.
    • “I want to know if Bunnie used that pocket pussy on Jelly yet”
      • They used it just the other night!
    • “How tall is Jelly Roll?”
      • About 6’ 1”



If I had a big dick I‘d walk around with just a sock on my cock and flip flops…” - Jelly Roll

“What’s better than having two girls to smoke a joint with? Four! What’s better than four? Eight!” – Jelly Roll

“I love that women support what we’re doing, and I think it’s amazing”- Bunnie

“We fixed ourselves together” – Bunnie



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