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Dumb Blonde

Sep 2, 2020

Bunnie and Charlie Classic talk about everything from relationships to conspiracy theories. 

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  • Charlie has been living the quarantine dream and stays busy making content for his fans
  • His podcast, Total Shat Show, is available on OnlyFans.
    • He prefers OnlyFans so that he can have more freedom with what content and subject matter he can post.
  • Charlie says his job ruins a lot of his relationships.
    • He works with a lot of beautiful women, and that can be mentally draining on his partner.
      • Charlie cares more about personality than he does looks, but sometimes it can be intimidating for the “girl next door” to be in a relationship with him since he works with so many beautiful women.
      • Charlie’s theory as to why guys prefer the “girl next door” is that they want what they can’t have, so for most guys the more innocent girl is more of a chase and keeps their interest longer because they want to prove themselves.
    • Charlie was a DJ for 9 and a half years working in different clubs.
    • Charlie lived in Nashville for 14 years. He misses two things about Nashville:
      • The breakfast from Quickstop in Fairview, TN and
      • Prince’s Chicken
        • Prince’s chicken is so hot that with every chicken breast they give you, they also give you a loaf of bread
    • One time a girl called Charlie “father” during sex. That’s the only time he’s ever been thrown off by someone like that.
    • A huge party in Nashville at a house called The Fashion House held 2,000+ people, causing Nashville to go back to Phase 1 and the owner’s business license was revoked.
    • Peeing wherever when you’re drunk is a guy thing, but Charlie has seen some girls who can just go anywhere!
    • Bunnie tells Charlie about how she isn’t much of a tv person, she’s usually just always on her phone working or doing something.  Sitting back and relaxing is very rare. 
    • Bunnie asks Charlie about the dark web and what’s on there and they talk about the recent Wayfair trafficking conspiracy theory.
    • Aliens definitely exist, and Charlie and Bunnie talk about how the government uses things like aliens to distract people from what is going on.



“I’m probably the dumbest blonde you know” – Charlie Classic

“I can’t be politically correct” – Charlie Classic

“I shit in the lazy river” – Bunnie

“I’m going to steal the Declaration of Independence, and I’m going to give it to Nicholas Cage.” –  Charlie Classic



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