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Dumb Blonde

Jun 3, 2020

Bunnie hosts Robert Glover, aka Brix Fitness, and asks him about his plans for his business, weight loss tips, and his dating life.  Brix talks about his journey of self development and how he went from depressed to success through his fitness journey.   

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  • After a long battle with depression, Robert decided to take back control of his life and begin his weight loss journey
  • At first the journey was not about losing weight, but more about self-enrichment
  • Making small changes is key to changing your lifestyle; find your balance
  • You have to heal the parts of you that made you overeat in the first place
  • You have to do the mental work and change your relationship with food
  • Even eating healthy food can make you gain weight; watch your calories
  • support systems are crucial to success in weight loss; Brix provides a community of support through his fitness company 
  • For a monthly fee, Brix Fitness provides: 
    • follow along workouts, meal plans/ nutritional guidance, support through a community  



  • “My decision was, I just wasn’t going to quit…eventually I figured out how to have a medium speed”
  • “It’s 90% diet, but it’s 150% mindset”
  • “Understanding the root of…the bad relationship you have with food is the most important thing”.




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