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Dumb Blonde

Oct 28, 2020

We all know confidence comes from within, but also it definitely can't hurt to start with really great eyebrows. This week, Bunnie welcomes Jesse, a beauty boss babe who is the co-owner of Inked Beauty in Nashville, TN. Jesse has over 12 years of experience in the beauty industry, and is the go-to gal for whether you need the best brows, filler, or freckles on the market. She and Bunnie talk about the different options for eyebrows including microblading, how much it really hurts, and then she gives Monica a new brow makeover. 

Click here to watch Monica get brow'd up! 

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  • Like Bunnie, Jesse loves empowering women. It gives her joy and a deep sense of purpose when she sees how happy it makes her clients.  
  • Jesse follows a path into the beauty industry after working with a plastic surgeon. She is now the a licensed Tennessee Tattoo Artist and a Master PMU artist (and Co-Owner!) at Inked Beauty
  • Jesse fits right in with Bunnie's team - she is a hard working and loyal Taurus. We love these gentle yet fierce creatures. 
  • Bunnie shares her eyebrow secrets - listen to find out! 
  • Microblading may not be right for everyone, and a professional like Jesse can help you determine what is right for you. 


 “Confidence is everything”- Jesse

“I don’t want to be natural… I want you to see my money on my face”- Bunnie




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