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Dumb Blonde

Oct 21, 2020

Bunnie’s favorite girls are back!  Keta Musik and Viking Barbie team up for this episode and give all the inside details of what’s on their up and coming album, Borderline

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  • Keta Musik and Viking Barbie met at an alcoholics anonymous meeting where people were sharing music
  • Viking Barbie followed Keta on social media because of her incredible talent
  • Keta Musik hit Viking Barbie up for a promo on social media and she accepted the offer and helped promote her page
  • Eventually, they ended vibing and writing some songs together and became friends on a professional and personal level
  • Keta and Viking Barbie both battle mental illness
    • They both struggle with borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder
    • Keta describes her music as being influenced by Christina Aguilera
    • Viking Barbie describes her music as her mental illness. It’s up and down and everywhere- she has some female Eminem vibes mixed with a little Lana Del Rey
  • Bunnie’s friend from Vegas told her about Viking Barbie and she started looking into her music. Bunnie started talking to Jelly about how awesome they both sound and wanted to get involved with their music
    • Jelly is usually very particular about who he works with, but he sees the potential in both of them and they are about to drop their first album with his help
    • The drop date is still not set but it should be soon- hopefully in the next few months. The album will be called Borderline
    • Bunnie also had her directorial debut helping these ladies bring their music dreams to fruition
    • One of the songs on the album is called “Broken Wings”; it gives the perspective of each personality suffering with borderline personality disorder. “Broken Wings” is all about addiction and overcoming the struggle of staying clean.  The song is actually a combination of two songs that each of them wrote during some of their darkest points of addiction. 
  • Keta and Viking Barbie both agree that antidepressants and medication for mental illnesses make you feel like a zombie. It definitely helps some people, but for most that they’ve talked to, medication just makes them not feel like themselves. 
  • “Bury Yourself” is another new song they are working on- the video has American Horror Story Coven vibes where Keta forces a guy to dig his own grave
  • The making of the entire album has been a very personal, emotional experience. It’s truly art in its purest form and they have put blood, sweat, and tears into every track. 
  • Viking Barbie’s dad played Bane in the original Batman and Robin. He was a jack of all trades but also a career criminal.  Above all else, he was determined to prove people wrong.  When she turned 12, she lost her father and that was one of the main things that shaped her into who she is today. 
  • There are levels to success. When you enter a new chapter of your life, you have to part ways with the old parts of yourself that are holding you back.
  • The message behind their new album is that you can embrace every part of yourself and still do everything you want in your life. Anything you put your mind to can be achieved. 
  • A year from now, both ladies hope to be on tour and inspiring change in people’s lives.
  • They both plan on making more albums in the future and continuing constantly creating content for their fans



“I’m the black sheep that turned into the goat” – Bunnie

“Being crazy is part of who I am” – Viking Barbie

“If you can change you, if you can change the outcome…then you are in control” – Keta




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