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Dumb Blonde

Oct 7, 2020

Rylee Rabbit and Bunnie discuss common misconceptions about working girls and P&H relationships.  Rylee talks about her podcast, Down the Rabbit Hole, and how she balances her background of being in the industry with her dating life. 

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  • Rylee has a podcast called Down the Rabbit Hole
    • The podcast features all walks of life from sex workers to athletes
    • Rylee hopes to open people’s eyes to the industry and help them understand that there are many parallels in the sex industry and other large industries
  • People have common misconceptions about working girls:
    • There is a huge difference between trafficking and working
      • A lot of these women want to go out and make money. Women who use pimps often prefer it that way.
        • Rylee had a pimp for a long time, and she was happy. One of Bunnie’s friend had a pimp for almost ten years
      • Sometimes the law will back people into a corner and when they get into trouble, they begin pointing fingers instead of owning it
    • Escort services, porn, prostitution, and strippers all stimulate the economy. It’s a multibillion-dollar industry that contributes to a major portion of it. 
    • People often don’t think working girls are bosses
      • Working girls run everything. They are in charge of how they look, their taxes, their content, employing people, expense reports, etc. 
        • Most of these women have LLC’s and have teams of people that help run their business
      • There is so much more to the industry than meets the eye. These girls work 24/7 to produce more content and find creative ways to expand and promote their brand
    • Bunnie asks Rylee more about the pimp and hoe relationship structure
      • Rylee says its different with every person
        • With her first one, she was the bottom girl; she handled everything for him and took care of the other girls as well
        • With her second one, she didn’t even meet the other girls. Rylee kept her relationship with him separate from his relationship with the others
      • Dating now, Rylee wants a regular relationship
        • She’s kind of seeing someone now, but the hardest thing for her with dating is trying not to compare her significant other to pimps and tricks
      • Rylee plans on expanding more on her podcast and web channel in the future; she wants to have panels of people from the industry and discuss controversial topics head on




“That’s the kind of language that excites me!” – Bunnie

“Sex sells.  Sex makes the world go ‘round.” – Bunnie

“People call us homewreckers.  We’re actually the home glue” – Rylee



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