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Dumb Blonde

Sep 30, 2020

Baby Girl Bella, one of OnlyFan’s top 0.04% of content creators, talks to Bunnie about what it’s like being in the sex work industry and how she got her start on OnlyFans.  She also explains what it’s like to do Fem Dom and how a spiritual awakening with Ayahuasca changed her mentality and her lifestyle. 

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  • Bella was born in Wisconsin, but grew up in Arizona
    • Her dad passed from a heroin overdose when she was 8 years old
    • Her mom and stepdad got arrested for drug trafficking when she was in high school
    • She pressed on, graduated high school, and went on to college
    • The first boy she kissed ended up passing away from a heroin overdose as well
    • Bella moved to Charlotte, NC
      • She was in the party scene and began working doing sex work
        • Back then, her drug of choice was Molly
      • She started off doing cam work and modeling
    • She recently moved to California and loves it
    • OnlyFans gives Bella the opportunity to be independent and creative in the industry
    • Bella doesn’t consider herself ever being a drug addict, but she drank every single day; she was mostly a social drinker and drank a lot when she was a dancer
      • She realized after a while that drinking was giving her social anxiety
    • After being a dancer in Charlotte, she moved back to Arizona and started doing Fem Dom
      • Bella explains small penis humiliation: some guys don’t even have a small penis but guys that are into being subbed want to be controlled and not be the boss
      • There’s a fetish for everything- from ball busting to cum eating instructions
    • Bella did Fem Dom cam work for about 6 months and then her friend showed her how to use premium snapchat
      • She did snapchat for about 2 years before she started making good money from it
    • Bella had a scary experience with a guy that was trying to manipulate her into being sold into sex slavery and try to make it seem normal
    • 2 years ago, Bella started doing really well on snapchat and bought herself braces and her first boob job
    • She created an OnlyFans and after a period of trial and error with pricing and content, it started to really grow and become successful
      • Consistency is key to success with OnlyFans
      • The best thing about OnlyFans is you can do whatever you want and offer whatever you are comfortable with
    • Sometimes there are odd custom requests from subscribers; the weirdest thing that Bunnie has ever had someone request before is that she hang herself from a door
    • Bella has had guys send her videos of them putting baseball bats up their butts
    • Bella caters to the stepbrother/ stepsister taboo fetish that people have
    • About a year and a half ago, Bella had a spiritual awakening:
      • She was dating a millionaire who got arrested and it was really traumatic for Bella
      • Around a month later, she looked on YouTube searching for self-help videos to help her focus and better herself using natural remedies
      • She found videos on meditation and became a raw vegan, quit smoking weed, and started doing yoga and meditating
        • She even booked a trip to do Ayahuasca in Costa Rica
        • Ayahuasca is plant medicine that has DMT in it and allows you to bring you back to your soulful self and shows you who you have become through your life experiences
        • It’s a very intense process but it heals you on a spiritual level


“I believe the things that have happened in my life have happened for me to be where I am now” - Bella

“I don’t think people in the world understand how strong we (girls in the industry) are” – Bunnie

“I’ve used sex work to heal my past sexual trauma” – Bella

“Hard work pays off- you’re gonna get it if you want it” – Bella

“The most spiritual women and the coolest women I’ve ever met are in sex work” – Bunnie




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