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Dumb Blonde

Sep 16, 2020

Katie Forbes and husband Rob Van Dam (RVD) talk wrestling, their relationship, OnlyFans, and much more. Bunnie plays a newlywed game with Rob and Katie to see how well they really know each other. 

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  • Since last time Katie was on the podcast, she has signed to Impact Wrestling, and they film in Nashville, TN.
  • Katie also just hit her one-year anniversary of being on OnlyFans as of August 1st this year.
    • Katie has only ever had her paid page
    • Bunnie started off with her free page on OnlyFans, but has been transferring to her paid page
    • Rob is very supportive of Katie’s OnlyFans hustle. What makes her happy makes him happy
  • RVD made his wrestling debut in 1990 and is still wrestling today
    • With WWE, he was on the road over 300 days per year
    • He is with Impact Wrestling now
    • The longer he is involved with wrestling, his value goes up so it’s hard for him to stop doing it
  • Rob uses RVD CBD to help with the pain he gets from wrestling
  • When Katie first saw Rob on TV, she knew instantly if he met her, he would love her
    • When she finally met him in person, Katie shot her shot with Rob
    • Their first date lasted so long, and they’ve been inseparable ever since
  • Bunnie has Rob and Katie play a game to see how well they really know each other
    • Rob has a CBD company and strives to change people’s lives for the better
    • The company sells tinctures and pain cream
      • Tinctures are 3000mg of CBD
      • Pain cream is 3000mg of CBD and is loaded with menthol to help soothe pain


“You’re like the twerk queen, right?” – Bunnie

“I love seeing her happy” – RVD

“He didn’t know he was an ass man” – Katie

“The Van Dam Fam- we like to refer to ourselves as” – RVD

“I just said a rabbit because I know they’re sexual animals”- Katie



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