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Dumb Blonde

Jul 15, 2020

In Part 2 of the Girl Talk episode, Bunnie, Bugg, and Meme answer fan questions and talk about some of their most embarrassing moments. 

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  • “Most embarrassing losing your v card but couldn’t feel it; small equipment”
    • Bunnie knows how that goes! She popped her own cherry her first time
  • “I left my baby dad and he wanted me back so bad that he’d pay me to f*ck him”
    • The girls say make him! If you want him back, take him back, if not, take his money
  • “My girlfriend thinks if a girl likes or comments on my IG pictures, she wants me”
    • tough one; it’s a respect thing if you’re in a relationship. There’s nothing wrong with people finding you or your significant other attractive but be mindful of how your actions can make your partner feel.  If it’s that big of a deal, communication is key to finding a solution.
  • “I got so drunk, I forgot to take out the tampon and I got so embarrassed”
    • Bunnie forgot to take hers out one time during a really drunk night. Two weeks later it came out by itself. 
  • “How many guys have you slept with?”
    • Never ask a girl her body count. If you do and she tells you, multiply that number by 10.
  • “Found out me and my girl lost our baby last week, please send us positive vibes”
    • That’s so sad, The girls send their condolences
  • “My girlfriend decided we shouldn’t have sex anymore until we are married”
    • She’s worth it! If you really love3 her, you can wait!
  • “After diarrhea I clean myself so good; I love it licked, its relieving. It’s embarrassing and gross- it’s so embarrassing I shouldn’t have shared”
  • “I choked on my boyfriend’s c*ck ring and threw up over the side of the bed”
    • Bunnie got a black eye one time from one of her ex’s rings.
  • “Do you believe everyone has a soulmate?”
    • Absolutely! It doesn’t have to be a sexual partner; it can be a best friend or a mother or anyone!
  • “How is your love life with Jelly when you’re having sex with other people and doing porn?”
    • Bunnie and Jelly have a great relationship. She thinks it’d funny when people judge her relationship without even understanding it. 
  • “My mom walked in on me losing my virginity in high school”
    • That must have been awkward. Bunnie and Meme would whoop their kids if they found them having sex.
  • “Have threesomes ever opened bad doors in your relationships? How do you balance trust, a spicy love life, and yalls busy schedule?”
    • Bunnie comes from a different side of the world where threesomes are more accepted. Jelly would never let a girl disrespect Bunnie and go behind her back with him.  Threesomes can actually make you a lot closer. 



  • “Yeah that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it” – Bunnie
  • “Okay…yeah…okay….” – Meme
  • “They make wipes for it though…” – Bugg
  • “Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Matt” – Bunnie
  • “Post Traumatic Sex Disorder, that’s hilarious!” – Bunnie



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