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Dumb Blonde

Jul 8, 2020

From relationship advice to funny fan stories, Bunnie, her cousin Bugg, and Manager Meme hang out and dive into more questions from fans.   

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  • Meme and her hubby Jason experienced their own embarrassing sex story while they were out of town on vacation.
    • Jason accidentally ripped while they were going at it and blood went everywhere. They had to go to the ER in a random city on the first day of their vacation.
    • Jason was joking about the entire thing
  • Fan Q&A:
    • “How do I get my ex-wife of a 16-year marriage out of my head?”
      • That’s totally normal- you are going to have memories and feelings for a while. Bunnie says for every year you are with someone it takes just as long to get over them.  It also depends on why you broke up.  Meme says find the closure that you’re looking for; that might be the key to finally letting go. 
    • “Don’t be afraid of public sex. Don’t be dumb about it- but it’s my favorite and so much hotter.”
      • Bunnie loves it! Switching up where you are having sex is an exciting way to spice up your sex life.
    • “I was giving a guy I had just met online a hand job in the Walmart parking lot, and I got caught.”
      • Meme and Jason’s first kiss was in the Walmart parking lot. Bunnie has lots of questions about why the Walmart parking lot- but it sounds like fun!
    • “Not really my story but when my sister and I were younger we shared a room as teens. Grandma told me to go tell my sister dinner was ready and I walked in on her playing with a dildo in mid orgasm.  Went back out to the dinner table and Grandma asked, ‘Is she coming yet?’ and I busted out laughing and now everyone in my family knows.   No one will let my sister live that down; when Grandma was alive it was her favorite story to tell.”
      • Great story; Bunnie, Bugg, and Meme definitely got a few laughs out of that one!
    • “Have you ever coughed when you’re sick and sharted? I did at work.”
    • “I once got so into my man licking and sucking on my kitty cat, that I let out a loud, smelly fart in his face.”
      • We’ve all been there. Jelly won’t let Bunnie live it down that she did it to him years ago.  Bunnie can’t ever hold anything against Jelly because he has no shame. 
    • “I had a one-night stand with a guy in the house, and I was filming a reality show and I kicked him out and didn’t realize I got period blood all over his shirt, but I was like ‘boy bye!’”
      • We want to know what reality show it was!
    • “My husband of six years cheated. I have tried to forgive him, please any advice to help?”
      • Meme has never taken anyone back after cheating. Bugg says you can’t forgive till you forget- and you might never truly forget.  Bunnie says it takes a lot of strength, your husband needs to be constantly reassuring you and be patient with you in the process of forgiveness.  You have to hurt, heal, and get over it if you truly want to grow together and evolve.  Everyone deserves a second chance and if you are willing to work on it together, it’s worth trying to fix.  But if there are other toxic traits in the relationship, don’t hurt yourself trying to fix it. 
    • “When I was 21 and got really drunk at a bar, I ended up hooking up with a 48-year-old; she was a 48-year-old Grandma. We went back to her apartment and did it.  Then afterwards, I went to take a shower in her bathroom and used some Old Spice.  The Old Spice was her boyfriends. And when I went to put clothes on she was asleep, so I just left and went home.”
      • Kudos to her for getting with your young ass!
    • “Would you have a threesome with you, J, and Felicia? Yes or hell no?”
      • Bunnie totally would, they’ve made out before. J probably wouldn’t just because they have too much history together. 
    • “Puked during drunk sex, then continued to go at it after the fact. Dude said it felt good.”
    • “What’s the wildest place you’ve ever had sex in public?”
      • Bunnie’s was an orthodontist chair. You can get really good angles in them.
    • “What helps with your anxiety and depression?”
      • L’methylfolate, vitamin D, magnesium. St. John’s Wort, and SAM-e. You should experiment for what your body needs, and always add exercise to any mental health regimen.  Meme and Bugg say you should get to the core of what is causing your depression and face it head on. 
    • “A redhead I dated was a freak and pulled my tampon out with his teeth.”



“She put me on a dating website called Coffee and Bagel and even that guy was a weirdo” - Bugg

“Something about that doesn’t tickle my pickle” – Bunnie

“Grandpa kissed me underneath the neon lights of the Walmart” – Bunnie

“Is that what gets you going-just smelling biscuits?” – Meme



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