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Dumb Blonde

Jun 10, 2020

Bunnie unboxes Adam and Eve toys and gives her thoughts on each item.  She also answers questions about relationships, sex, and life sent in by fans.   

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  • Adam and Eve uses discrete shipping for your privacy
  • In Bunnie’s Box:
    • Silicone rechargeable remote pleasurizer
      • Remote controlled, USB charge, waterproof
      • Runs for 55 mins on high speed, 80 mins on low speed
      • Super soft for comfort
    • Deluxe Silicone Penis Head Teaser
      • 10 modes, 7 functions, 3 speeds
      • Silicone, nubbed inner sleeve for added sensation
      • For his pleasure
    • Juicy Lucy Self Lubricating Stroker
      • Flesh light
      • Ribbed on the inside
    • Fan Questions and Answers:
      • “Can I lick your butthole?”
        • “It’s from a girl, so absolutely, yes you can”
      • “How do I tell my dude to brush his teeth more politely?”
        • Hygiene is huge; if your guy isn’t brushing his teeth, tease him and give him an incentive to make him want to brush them more
      • “What is your opinion of putting a sex video of me and the hubs on Pornhub?”
        • Put it on OnlyFans; you can make money off of it!
        • OnlyFans is a great networking site as well
      • “How do you make your pussy taste good?”
        • Practice good hygiene; avoid using harsh chemicals on your hootnanny
        • Pee after you have sex
        • Make sure you wipe good
        • Shower regularly
        • Baby soap is great to use!
      • “How do you make Jelly understand things or see your point of view on something important to you?”
        • Don’t nag- silence speaks volumes
        • Don’t lose sight of the point you are trying to get across by fixating on trying to be “right”
        • Choose your battles; it’s okay to disagree
      • “Have you ever self-harmed?”
        • No, but everyone has thought about it in their life
        • Mutilating yourself is not the answer
        • If you are hurting that bad, please reach out to someone that you love or trust; if you don’t have someone like that in your life there are so many hotlines and resources you can reach out to that will help you
        • Retrain your brain to have healthy coping mechanisms
        • Learn how to hurt and also heal… counseling is a great option!
      • “I want a Brazilian Butt Lift, but the docs say I don’t have enough fat, how did you do the fat transfer?”
        • Bunnie had enough fat in her abdomen to transfer, but the docs say this time she doesn’t have enough left to do it again
        • If you can’t do the transfer, you can look into fillers; there are other options out there
      • “I’m a plus sized female and I love you and Jelly. Do you love us big girls in the bedroom?”
        • “We love all girls, all shapes, all sizes, come one, come all… come on down”
      • “How to get turned on when you’re going through menopause at 33 during COVID?”
        • Try finding new types of porn you like
        • Order some new toys from Adam and Eve
        • Slow steps; working out amps up your libido alongside eating well
        • There are supplements you can take as well
      • “What do I do when sex is painful, but my husband has a high sex drive?”
        • Get to the root of why it’s painful, your husband should understand
        • Buy some toys and help quench his thirst
      • “What’s your favorite sex toy?”
        • Anything that vibrates!
      • “Best way to kink things up? Husband is not kinky and I’m a superfreak”
        • Start by having sex in different places
        • Maybe record it; watching yourselves on camera is a major turn on for a lot of people
      • “I had 3 kids and my boyfriend makes me feel uncomfortable saying I have an ugly pussy. I don’t know what to do, I had a kid”
        • Kick him to the curb!
        • You gave birth to a child, that’s incredible! You deserve way better
      • “Do all females squirt?”
        • Maybe not, but if you have the right person that can show you, it’ll happen
      • “Why is it so hard for a guy to make me orgasm?”
        • Totally normal- there’s nothing wrong with you
        • Some girls can get there by riding on top; if that doesn’t work, try a toy like a vibrator
        • Orgasms are a mental thing too- you have to really trust someone and be open to it
      • “Have you ever accidentally farted during sex?”
        • Yes, and to this day Jelly will not let Bunnie forget about it
      • “Suggestions for finding a girl for a threesome?”
        • Use social media, tinder, or bumble and be straightforward about it
        • Don’t overthink it
      • “I’m straight and love my husband but I only like lesbian porn. Is that normal or not?”
        • Totally normal, Bunnie used to be the same way
      • “How can I bring the spark back? Still in love but life’s become monotonous”
        • Toys! You can get them from Adam and Eve
        • Bring home different women or men if you are into it
      • “I’m not attracted to my husband, he’s a dick. Trying to stay per my vows but thoughts?”
        • Leave! If it’s toxic, there’s no reason to stay with them


  • “Whoever is twiddling their twacker for 80 mins, you gotta plan out your day… you’re gonna have no energy after this!”
  • “If you want to buzz the ole taco stand with this: 50% off!”
  • “Guys are easy to train; all you have to do is do sexual things and they’ll do it; no problem”
  • “A relationship is work; you’ve got to work at it to make it work”
  • “If you polish a turd it might shine”



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