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Dumb Blonde

May 27, 2020

Bunnie and her favorite quarantine co-host in crime, Jelly, are joined this week by rapper and lyrical assassin Christian Webster, better known as Chris Webby. He and Jelly bond over their love of touring and the fans, and he shares how he is staying sane and creative while being at home.

Webby also talks about why getting arrested helped propel his career, what it’s like being a rapper in the current age, and why he will never get tired of watching The Sopranos. Then, Bunnie recounts one of the drunkest nights she’s ever had which just so happens to be at one of Webby’s shows. 

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  • A little recreational drug use now and then never hurt Chris, and he finds that it helps him stay creative and open to the flow of accepting this crazy time of life. However, for Bunnie, it may result in her making snow angels for hours while channeling her Lil Jon. 
  • Jelly and Chris agree that while the break from touring is good for the liver and a general life reset, they can’t wait to get back to connecting with the fans and being face to face with a crowd again soon. 
  • While in a frat at Hofstra University, Chris was part of a criminal incident that got him both kicked out and arrested. However, the time in jail was actually what got him started in rapping, and he made sure to never turn back on his creative pursuits. 
  • Chris is at a near-genius level of English, grammar, and writing, and that’s apparent with how quick he is at creating lyrics and freestyling. 
  • Just like Jelly, Chris knows what it was like before the age of the internet to have to physically hustle your music to get your name out there, and he’s all for bringing back in the person street team. 
  • He may not know or care about Michael Jordan, but he has watched The Sopranos seven times over. 
  • Chris has been releasing a new song every two weeks and is dropping music left and right from his home. 



  • “Last time I did mushrooms I was up in a cabin in Utah, and I thought I was Lil John.” - B 
  • “You have to learn by failure, and by life kicking you in the dick.” - C
  • “Evolve or die.” - B + J 
  • “It’s really important to leave tour behavior on tour.” - C 



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