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Dumb Blonde

May 20, 2020

Bunnie’s most requested guest, Bailee Ann, not only joins the show this week but flips the script and hosts a funny family episode with Bunnie and Jelly. She asks them the hard-hitting questions about their dreams, goals, and super-secret relationship questions. Then, they play a version of the Newlywed Game where we find out who is the messiest, most romantic, and most likely to be voted best driver.

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  •  Jelly always had a love of writing poetry, lyrics, and melodies, but started taking music even more seriously when Bailee was born. He knew he needed to provide a great life for her through music, and never has looked back since.
  • Bunnie is living out her dream of being a popular radio DJ, and crushing it just like she knew she could!
  • Bunnie and Jelly love setting goals, smashing them, and then moving on to the next thing. Among their highest list of accomplishments includes raising Bailee to be the wonderful young lady she is, setting up the production company, the podcast, and studio.
  • Even though we think it may be even higher, Jelly currently spent over $450 playing the game Gardenscapes on his phone.
  • Yes, they think. Carol Baskin killed her husband. Whacked him. Or maybe just fed him to the tigers.
  • Bunnie and Jelly may agree on a lot of things, but who the better driver isn’t one of them.
  • When Bailee has her own podcast, the Baileeverse, hopefully, one of her first guests will be the great Jeffree Star.



  • “The only time we find weird moments in our relationship is when we don’t have a goal.” - J 
  • “Life can’t limit you man, you can do it all.” - B
  • “I’m consistent. I shop at Fashion Nova every 2 weeks. That’s it.” - B
  • “We get so many Amazon boxes to our house when Bunnie opens them she doesn’t know what they are. It’s like Christmas.” - J 



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