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Dumb Blonde

May 13, 2020

Ultimate rock goddess Jackie LaPonza grew up with music in the home, and her gritty voice and beautiful looks are just a few of the reasons why people go crazy for her band Unsaid Fate.

Jackie joins Bunnie this week to talk about how she went from singing in bars at 10 years old to rock and roll stardom both with Unsaid Fate and her husband Skinny’s band Mushroomhead. Jackie talks about her musical influences, how she and Skinny met and fell in love, and why she’s perfect for the craziness that comes with life on tour. 

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  •  Jackie has music in her blood and grew up immersed in the rock and roll scene. Her dad was a famous drummer who played with many legends such as Chuck Berry and Blue Oyster Cult. She was used to having music around her at all times, and it was no big deal to have future stars like Trent Reznor just hanging around her house. 
  • Jackie is the lead vocalist of Unsaid Fate and also lends guest vocals to her husband’s band, Mushroomhead. 
  • Even though she is a total show stealer with her beauty and magnetism, Jackie always wants to give credit to the whole band. It’s a “we” instead of “me” operation, and she even outgrew the band featuring her own name to go with Unsaid Fate. 
  • Jackie has been playing bars since she was 10 years old, and was gigging and rocking out on stage while other kids her age were at birthday parties. 
  • Unsaid Fate mixes hard rock, metal, active rock, and some pop in a way that resonates with fans of all ages. 
  • Jackie’s fiance Skinny is the founder and leader of Mushroomhead. He proposed 30 days into dating Jackie, and 16 years later they are still taking on the world together. 
  • Jackie is built for the crazy life that comes along with touring thanks to sharing a home with 5 stinky brothers in tight quarters. 
  • There will be new albums coming out soon for both UnSaid Fate and Mushroomhead, so hang tight. 



  • “If you have a dream, follow your dream. Otherwise, you are going to be miserable.” 
  • “I fit in so well because I grew up the same way as tour life on a bus. There are 14 of us and a dog on a bus, at all times.” 
  • “Jelly and I didn’t have a big wedding, we literally eloped by a lady that looked like f*ckin ET in Vegas in a little white chapel, and I’m cool with that.” 



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