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Dumb Blonde

May 6, 2020

Chances are you have heard a song of this week’s guest, Mickey Avalon, on the radio, in a movie, or blaring loud at your local strip club. Mickey joins the show to talk with Bunnie about starting out on the streets of Hollywood and how his career in music started as an unexpected fluke, his super cool art, and what we can expect from his full-length record ‘Speak of the Devil’ out in June. 

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  • Mickey was born and raised in LA on the streets of Hollywood. He struggled with addiction both himself and in his family but got help through a number of rehab facilities and with the help of friends and loved ones. 
  • Mickey was living in a sober living home and had a strict curfew, so he didn’t even know how popular he was becoming from Dirt Nasty (Simon Rex) passing out his demo at Hollywood clubs. 
  • Mickey writes about his own experience on the streets and life in general and ties it together with raw and very entertaining lyrics. 
  • YouTube may have banned the video of Mickey’s song “Woke AF”, but we’ve got the link to it here
  • Mickey’s songs have been featured in huge blockbuster movies such as Harold and Kumar and The Hangover. 
  • Be sure to sign up to get Mickey’s new full-length record, “Speak of the Devil” in June. Also, his new single “Ultra-Violence” is out now as well. He will also be touring in person whenever we can have concerts larger than 50 people at a time! 



  • “Once it started I just hit the floor running, but it wasn’t supposed to be my career.” 
  • “There is definitely a way out, when you are in the middle of it it doesn’t seem like it’s possible.” 



Mickey Avalon: Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Website | Spotify | iTunes 

“Woke AF” 

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