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Dumb Blonde

Apr 29, 2020

Not only does trainer and fitness model Whitney Johns have one of the best bodies in real life and on the socials, but she is a super smart and down to earth business badass. Bunnie and Whitney talk about how her app Fit With Whit is helping people at home now more than ever, a few of her health and fitness tips, what it was like to be a professional bodybuilder, and what she really eats in a day. Then, Whit and Bunnie play a hilarious game of ‘Would You Rather’. 

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  •  Whitney grew up in Idaho in a Mormon family. She eventually broke away from religion, but her upbringing in Idaho gave her the background to be a hard worker and salt of the earth kinda gal. 
  • Whitney has always been into working out and fitness, but found that nutrition and gut health is the most important foundation to true health and well being. 
  • Looking to get in shape and get that quarantine body under control? Whitney’s app Fit With Whit helps people at all levels of health and fitness. She provides home workouts, subscription based plans, and nutrition and meal plan guidelines. 
  • Just like Bunnie, Whitney takes a holistic approach to health. 
  • Whitney competed as a professional bodybuilder, and now adds it to the list of badass athletic accomplishments along with MMA and kickboxing. 
  • The spread about Whitney in Muscle and Fitness magazine not only featured her incredibly amazing body, but gave a detailed background into her whole journey and what makes her so special and unique. 
  • Whitney’s single, but too real and salt of the earth for the fake dating of LA. Maybe Bunnie will hook her up with some Nashville dudes when she comes to visit. 
  • If you can do just one cheat meal instead of a cheat day or week, you will fulfill those cravings without derailing your whole diet. 
  • Whitney eats more paleo style because that’s how she feels good and goes by the 80/20 rule with veggies, lean protein, and healthy fats. 



  •  “I have friends, but I walk my own path a little bit.” — Whitney
  • “Don’t you enjoy taking people by surprise?” — Whitney 
  • “We are all just trying to figure out this thing called life.” — Bunnie 
  • “In the morning, I’m not trying to swallow your kids before breakfast.” — Bunnie 



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