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Dumb Blonde

Mar 14, 2020

Jelly Roll, aka Daddy, tends to let the music speak for himself, but today he joins Bunnie to talk all about his new album, Beautiful Disaster. He shares how long he’s been working on it, what sets it apart from his other albums, and the inspiration behind the songs. He also talks about what to expect on tour with the new album, and gives us an exclusive run down of the track list. 

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  •  Jelly named it Beautiful Disaster because it felt like the vibe of the record, and he’s loved a rainy day ever since he was young. 
  • Jelly was born to make therapeutic music that heals others. It comes from a place of pain, and he lets it flow through. 
  • The goal of every album is to outdo the last album, and Jelly feels he did it with Beautiful Disaster.
  • Jelly is very empathic and feels your stories when you share them with him. He appreciates you sharing and that’s the only way we can all heal. 
  • Jelly and Bunnie’s daughter Bailee Ann really does write her own music, and they couldn’t be prouder of her contribution to the album on “If Tears Could Talk”. 
  • “Nothing Left At All” is currently Jelly’s favorite, although it changes weekly, and he can’t wait for you to see the video. 
  • Jelly wrote “Suicide” for Bunnie, and it was about time she got a dark love song. Jelly has also been very open about his struggles with depression in his past, and their love saved him from himself. 
  • The album includes 12 tracks and Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Lil Wyte, and Struggle Jennings are among the contributors. 
  • Please share the music on social media, and you can even gift people the album to check out your new favorite songs. 



  •  “Therapeutic music has always been my vibe.” 
  • “All my music is dark, that’s the space in which I write from.” 
  • “This record was all about proving myself to myself.” 
  • “You want someone to hear it and be helped.” 
  • “People don’t put the time in to be great, so they don’t know how great they can be.” 
  • “Sometimes, you just have to embrace your own boogieman.” 



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