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Dumb Blonde

Feb 19, 2020

Not only is Kristen Strout a beautiful woman who has won bikini and modeling contests, but this smokeshow is a tomboy at heart who can work on your car, flip your house, and then fix your toilet leak. She joins Bunnie to talk about settling into Nashville, weird stalkers, and the real price of dating a model. 

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  • Kristen grew up in Florida and is a tomboy at heart. She ran outside barefoot, played in the dirt, and is just like one of the guys minus the drop-dead gorgeous looks and killer body. 
  • Kristen always had an infatuation with Nashville, and even though she is a self described introvert, she’s settling in quite nicely. 
  • Once Kristen won her first bikini contest, she realized there was money to be made from contests and promo modeling. 
  • Kristen is a biker chick at heart, and now is the proud owner of a custom detailed C7 Corvette. 
  • Kristen has a huge passion for flipping houses and doing huge makeovers on properties. The last one, she and her fiance demoed themselves with a bunch of skill and a ton of elbow grease. 
  • Guys, take it from Bunnie and Kristen: trying to find someone’s location using instagram stories or screenshots is not attractive — it’s creepy. 
  • Expect a bunch of new beautiful work from Kristen including her very own calendar. She also has a passion for music and singing, so maybe we will get lucky and have some new tunes from her as well. 



  • “Everyone wants to date a model, til they date a model.”
  • “I could show my labia lips and you don’t care, but if I’m cooking vegan food you all want to know the recipe.” - B
  • “I would rather put my heart on a platter for people to stomp on than my butthole.” - B



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