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Dumb Blonde

Feb 12, 2020

Sami Lane (AKA Freak Daddy) is a TikTok star, musician, producer, and badass individual. They built a Freak Daddy cult on social media to give people a safe space to be curious instead of confused about whatever is happening in their life. They join the show this week to talk about their music and upcoming album, and to share the funniest Tinder story that made them a viral sensation on TikTok. 

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  • Sami is non-binary and doesn’t associate with either gender, although they are exploring their trans masculinity. They are more comfortable not to be labeled and boxed in, and although they perform female, there are no limits or boundaries! 
  • On Sami’s podcast Impurity anything goes. They talk about anything taboo and give people a community to explore their own issues and experiences within a safe space. 
  • Sami also identifies as pansexual and doesn’t care much about gender or presentation in romantic partners. 
  • Sami is soon moving from Nashville to Portland, Oregon and we know they will do awesome at creating a new community-centred around open and accepting cool individuals. 
  • Freak Daddy produces their own music, and it’s going more in an industrial pop direction. You’ll have no choice but to dance to it when you hear it. 
  • Sami was shadowbanned on Instagram (something Bunnie can relate to) so they went over to TikTok. Their Tinder video sky-rocketed and their account now has over 240k followers with 3 million likes. 
  • Sami shares the most hilarious Tinder date story you have ever heard, that involves Adele, an engagement ring, and the two of them almost running away to New York. 



  • “I’m constantly trying to learn, so why not try to involve everyone else in the process?” - S
  • “I’m the black sheep in the family and I’m doing the best out of all of them, so go figure.” - B
  • “Oh, we ruined Adele for me. I get triggered by Adele now because of this experience.” 




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