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Dumb Blonde

Jan 22, 2020

Manager Meme steps out behind the scenes and into the spotlight this week to answer all your questions and then some! She and Bunnie talk about how exactly they met and joined forces to become the dynamic duo they are today, what it’s really like to work with Bunnie as her right-hand woman behind the scenes, and more about Meme’s own career as a hairstylist and artist. 

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  • Meme is the owner of Level 13 Hair Studio in Murfreesboro, TN, and is also on the team of very talented artists and stylists at the studio. 
  • Meme is a West Coast girl at heart, something that initially proved she and Bunnie would be friends forever. 
  • Meme slid into Bunnie’s DM’s, and immediately Bunnie was impressed with her attention to detail and true artistic talent. 
  • Meme’s attention to detail and eye for angles help her make sure everything is beyond perfect for the photoshoots she does with Bunnie. 
  • If Meme and Bunnie can survive that crazy DTLA penthouse experience, they can get through anything together. 
  • For those of you wanting to make your dreams really happen, two things Bunnie and Meme recommend: make sure your home life is good before you get into boss mode, and be hungry and willing to work hard for what it is that you want. 
  • Meme and Bunnie share the same vision of 2020, even more success for Dumb Blonde thanks to you guys, plus live shows and some dope merch. 



  • “There are grandma’s that are tatted up on the West Coast. Out here it’s like Jesus doesn’t approve.” - B
  • “I didn’t know I was going to be good at this, honestly.” - M
  • “I don’t care how beautiful you are, if you can’t get something done you are worthless to me.” - B
  • “Get my angles, shoot me right and i’m good.” - B



Level 13 Hair Studio





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