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Dumb Blonde

Jan 1, 2020

Artist, musician and lyrical genius Juno stops by this week to chat with Bunnie and perform two songs off her upcoming EP, Carrying the World and Our Legends are Dying. Juno shares how she went from being unable to afford a concert ticket to touring as the guitar player of Fifth Harmony and Bruno Mars. Juno talks about why it’s so important for her to step out and have her own spotlight, give a voice to the underdogs and share some of that great energy with the world, and what we can expect as she takes 2020 by storm. 

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  • Juno went to college for social work, and her first job out of school was with a 15-year boy obsessed with the guitar. To try and save his life, Juno traded help for guitar lessons. She was instantly hooked after learning a few chords and took a few months to master “Purple Haze”, which set her heart on fire and created a new career path. 
  • Juno is from the south side of Chicago, where dreaming big of stadium tours wasn’t part of her everyday life. Her songs now are about the underdog and giving a voice to those who feel as though they can’t speak up. 
  • Practice not only makes perfect, but it got Juno into the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Her YouTube videos also landed her first tour with the world-famous pop girl group Fifth Harmony, Bruno Mars, and her good friend Camila Cabello. 
  • Juno has always made it a priority to learn the guitar the correct way and do everything she does with excellence and purpose. 
  • Get ready for a whole bunch of Juno this year. Her new EP Help is Not on the Way will be out, along with a personal documentary. 
  • Juno’s powerful song, Our Legends Are Dying, both expresses her appreciation for the musical legends like Whitney Houston and Prince that came before her and shows concern for the way our culture treats their artists.  
  • Juno’s Guitar Bootcamp is there to build a community of artists and creators. She thrives on connection and loves vibing off other energies to make magic! 



  • “Every black person sings in church, whether you like it or not!” 
  • “You have to work really hard and be clear about what you want.” 
  • “The only next step is to share who I am.” 
  • “I wanted to give a voice to the people who don’t have a voice.” 
  • “Now I have a creative outlet, instead of just being weird.” 
  • “To be genius is to be mad.” 


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