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Dumb Blonde

Dec 25, 2019

Brittany J Smith is a singer, YouTuber, make-up artist and all-around talented beauty. She joins Bunnie this week to talk about taking her music from the traditional route to live streaming, how she got to be successful on YouTube, and what it was really like to audition for American Idol, meet the judges, and get sent to Hollywood Week! 

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  • Brittany was taking a traditional path to music with a manager and recording EP’s when she discovered live streaming. She found it was a much better way to connect authentically with her audience, and began making money while getting in practice hours at home. 
  • While at VidCon, Brittany decided to join YouTube and is now up to over 75k subscribers on her very popular channel. 
  • Brittany covers everything from Hamilton to Gloria Gaynor on her channel, and Bunnie thinks she will be a version of this generation’s Ann Wilson from Heart. 
  • Being on stage in costume is in Brittany’s blood. Her mom also did cosplay and dressed as a medieval princess while she was pregnant with Brittany. 
  • Fun Fact: if they could, both Bunnie and Brittany would be 80’s video vixens in another life. 
  • Brittany auditioned for American Idol and got to hang with Ryan Seacrest and sing a Paula Abdul cover and an original song to the judges. They loved her and sent her to Hollywood Week, which was a bitter experience as her beloved father had recently passed away. 
  • In 2020, expect a lot from this rad and talented chick. She will be putting out new covers, her own originals, and maybe even a new Christmas track or two. 



  • “There are no cheekbones like the ones I paint on, let me tell you.” - Bunnie
  • “What’s important to me most is excellence.” - Brittany
  • “I’ve wanted to be Tawny Kitaen by the time I was 5 and up.” - Bunnie 



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