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Dumb Blonde

Dec 18, 2019

Amber Ford is a lifelong Nashvillian who just won the prestigious title of “Best Fashion Designer in Nashville” with her company, Native in Nashville. Amber shares how her company went from idea to tangible product that is recognized and loved by the whole city.

Then, things get steamy when she plays a round of Too Hot To Handle with Bunnie and FeFe. The ladies talk threesomes, crazy things they have done to get a crush’s attention, and how Amber met her boyfriend, musician, and producer Lex Topdollar. 

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  • This chick is a winner. Amber just won “Best Fashion Designer in Nashville” for her company Native in Nashville. 
  • Native in Nashville features hats, jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and a ton more to represent just how proud people are of Nashville. Amber is a lifelong native herself, and couldn’t see herself anywhere else. 
  • Amber is now getting way more than just the free food she had hoped for when starting the blog. Everyone loves the Native in Nashville brand, whether they are born and raised there or just got back from a quick visit. 
  • Amber is a proud mama to her son Denver and met her current boyfriend Lex Topdollar at one of Jelly’s concerts. Friends had told her they were pretty much the same person and when the time was right, she met up with him in person found out they were right. 
  • Amber runs Native in Nashville all by herself, with the occasional help from her mom. 



  • “When I see two good looking people I always wonder what they look like naked.” - B
  • “Honestly? I just really like d*ck.” - A
  • “We are going on 21 years and I’m still getting banged a lot.” - FeFe
  • “When you brand yourself, do something that people won’t forget.” - A



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