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Dumb Blonde

Dec 4, 2019

Bunnie and co-host FeFe King open up their hearts and trailers this week for the hilariously creative and real Chelcie Lynn. This woman is a pop culture icon and the comic behind the viral sensation Trailer Trash Tammy. Chelcie talks about growing up in Okie and landing in sunny San Diego, her latest Funny or Die video, and let us in on how we can get a whole year of Trailer Trash Tammy with her new 2020 calendar. Then, Chelcie channels her inner Tammy for a hilarious session of The Whisper Game. 

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  • Chelcie has been one of Bunnie’s dream guests ever since she started the podcast, and she knew it was time to slide in the DM’s and make it happen when she saw that she posted a Jelly song. 
  • Chelcie grew up as an Okie girl and family matters brought her out to sunny San Diego. 
  • Her character Trailer Trash Tammy was heavily influenced by the transformation and mannerisms of Charlize Theron in the movie Monster
  • Chelcie started doing Vine videos just to make her family laugh, and soon enough her career was slowly taking off and she was able to leave her job as a substitute teacher and make a full time living from social media. 
  • It’s not just white southern people that love Trailer Trash Tammy — people of all backgrounds find her authenticity and ability to not care what others think a breath of fresh air. 
  • Chelcie is all in favor of freeing the breast — just let ‘em hang loose ladies!
  • The Trailer Trash Tammy 2020 calendar is a raw and naked work of art. 
  • What would Bunnie’s trailer trash character be? Loretta the Lollipop Licker of course. 
  • A video with Funny or Die featuring Trailer Trash Tammy as a high school gym coach is out now — check it out here



  • “BBQ and bitches. It’s all you need.” 
  • “It’s crazy because I’m just being me.” 
  • “I don’t prepare for nothin’. I just show up.” 



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