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Dumb Blonde

Nov 6, 2019

Bunnie is ready to get her chakras balanced and maybe go back to a past life or two this week, so she goes for one of the best and calls in Shamanic Healer Eric Brown. Eric works with people on finding the root cause of their symptoms so they can deal with them and unblock any stuck energy in love, work, physical health, etc. Eric talks about what exactly a Shaman does, how he knew he had a gift, and does a reading of a lifetime that answers so many questions for Bunnie. 

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  • A Shaman is someone who can enter different dimensions and access energy beyond just the physical realm that we see and feel. Eric goes into a trance-like state to work with his clients, and combines several different methods such as Tarot, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Intuitive Healing. 
  • Eric knew he had gifts as a child, and his grandmother encouraged him to develop them even further. He got in tune so much with his own power that he then turned to use his abilities to help people heal on the deepest level possible. 
  • Eric taps into the deep-rooted traumas and stuck negative beliefs of his clients to rewire the way they love themselves and others. 
  • Bunnie is also super in tune with energies and Eric helps her understand that sometimes what we see as a panic attack is really just our body’s response to tapping into other people’s energy without knowing it. 
  • Reiki is a Japanese style of energy healing, and pulls life force energy through the hands into the person you are working with. 
  • If you aren’t in Las Vegas, don’t worry — Eric is able to do his reading and healings over the phone as well. 
  • Eric does a reading for Bunnie and immediately they see some connection over her relationship with her step-mom and how it interplays with how she values herself and her own experience. 
  • Bunnie asks about her IVF journey, what’s in store for her as she continues to build her empire, and her relationship with Jelly. She is blown away by Eric’s answers! 
  • Remember guys and gals: there’s nothing more you need to be giving than what you are showing up as. 



  • “Sometimes the gift doesn’t always feel nice.” 
  • “Lord knows I need a lot of healing, and not just sexual.” 
  • “In order to find balance, we need to find out what parts of ourselves we have locked away.” 
  • “The twin flame relationship is all about triggering the hell out of each other, so we can learn from our stuff.” 
  • “You showing your authentic self gives people permission to show theirs.” 
  • “I secretly believe that we’ve lived all lives that there is to live.” 



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