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Dumb Blonde

Oct 30, 2019

Lauren Noriega, aka Nori The Nightmare, combined her love of learning and law enforcement to become a badass Criminal Defense Attorney and founder of her own law firm, The Noriega Law Firm. She talks with Bunnie about using social media as a tool to market her assets, how she handles being judged for bringing sexy to the courtroom, and shares a special embarrassing confession about her emo side.  

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  • Lauren has been around law enforcement her whole life. Her dad is a retired sheriff, grandfather was an undercover narc for the California Department of Justice, and mom was a nurse at a jail. 
  • Lauren continued her passion for learning and school by attending law school, and it led to her opening her own firm, The Noriega Law Firm.  
  • Has she been judged in the courtroom? Absolutely. Most often it’s by the judges. However, Lauren prefers to let her hard work, intelligence, and strong work ethic speak for herself. 
  • While most lawyers stay behind the scenes, Nori The Nightmare isn’t afraid to be loud and proud on social media. She has found it’s a great way to mix business and pleasure and develop trust with her present and future clients. 
  • Do others get intimidated by Lauren because of her brains and beauty? Absolutely. Does it stop her from moving forward and kicking ass? Not even one bit. 
  • Lauren has consulted with almost every hip hop client in the biz, and now represents such big stars as $tupid Young and Boskoe1. 
  • Lauren is single and ready to mingle. If you want to check out her beauty and brains and drool, her insta is: @nori_thenightmare
  • While Bunnie was working hard at Fatburger, Lauren was slinging nuggets at Wendy’s. 
  • She is one brave chick. Even though her biggest fear is guns, she just went to the LA Gun Club to shoot a gun and get a feel for being around them. 
  • Lauren’s first law school of course. She used her boxing moves and did a combo to lay her opponent out, which got her free drinks for the night. 



  • “If you know what you are talking about and you are articulate, that gets you where you want to go.” 
  • “It’s beneficial that people already know me, and I don’t feel like I have to sell myself.” 
  • “I worked there for three years. Who worked at Wendy’s for three years?” 
  • “I’m still an emo kid at heart.” 


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