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Dumb Blonde

Oct 9, 2019

Dr. Cherise Felix, MD. joins Bunnie this week to answer some super weird and funny questions - some medically related, and some are just downright crazy. Dr. Felix talks about the type of services they provide at her medically run “service station”, and a few of the most unforgettable things she has seen in her career. She and Bunnie also get personal and talk about vaginal rejuvenation, the best types of tools for a great orgasm, and what to use (and not to!) when washing down there. 

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  • Dr. Cherise Felix, MD. provides gynecologic and aesthetic services at her medically run “service station” that is garage themed. It’s a medical spa that offers everything from the body contouring service BodyTite, Votiva Forma V to have a cuter V, and laser hair removal. 
  • Dr. Felix lets us in on a few of the weirdest things she has seen in her medical career. No blue waffles yet, but she has seen a few strange objects stuck up people including anal beads and a bottle of lotion. Keep the objects where they belong, people. 
  • You can use products like RepHresh to balance your pH, but if it becomes a regular issue it’s important to see a medical professional. 
  • There is more than just a simple diagnosis for Bacterial vaginosis. Dr. Felix says to get tested so you know which strain of bacteria it is and if your partner should be treated as well. 
  • PCOS, or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, can possibly be reserved with lifestyle, dietary changes, and proper vitamin treatment. 
  • Yes. You can be allergic to your partner's “love juice”. The itchy sensation can have something to do with having a response to a certain protein component. Bunnie and Dr. Felix also think it may be nature’s way of telling you to dump the dude. 
  • The best soap to use down there? The one that your body appreciates the most. Dr. Felix recommends a Castille soap, and Bunnie swears by baby soap. 
  • PSA for dudes that still are rockin’ some foreskin. Make sure the little guy is washed and dried DAILY. 
  • Dr. Felix assures us that you never want to see a spitting vagina. We will believe her. 



  • “I can sit here and talk about my vagina all day long.” 
  • “I’ve never looked at a lotion bottle and thought, oh I need that in me.” 
  • “Even as little sperms, they are assholes.” 



The Service Station 

Dr. Bronner’s 




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