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Dumb Blonde

Oct 2, 2019

Alysia Magen is a fitness model and competitor, online celebrity, U.S. Air Force Vet, and all around badass. She spills the juicy details about life in the military and what really goes down in boot camp, and how she turned a career with the U.S. Air force into becoming an Instagram star and her own brand. She and Bunnie also talk about dream cars, favorite positions, and why Alysia will never be the one who gets ghosted. 



  • Alysia is from a small town in Nebraska, full of churches and bars. She had planned to go into the military since her early 20’s, but decided to enroll in the Air Force. She served for 9 years and 6 days, and learned a lot in her role as an Air Force dentist. 
  • Alysia is far from your typical midwesterner. She has a big Portuguese family who has traveled all over the world. 
  • Boot Camp wasn’t too bad when the instructors were hot, but not too much fun with bush-loving instructors that banned shaving. 
  • One of the biggest steps to success Alysia found when transitioning to civilian life was to make sure she had structure, goals, and a plan to carry them out. 
  • Alysia is rethinking her bikini competition involvement, so be sure to stay tuned to her social media for announcements. 
  • Inside her OnlyFans account, subscribers get exclusive content and sexy private messages from Alysia. It’s worth it, and she makes a great living off it. 
  • Want to pick Alysia up in her dream car? Just make sure it has suicide doors. 
  • Date went well and now want to blow Alysia’s mind during sex? She likes it side doggie style. 
  • Don’t expect Alysia to sit around and mope if you ghost her. In fact, she will most likely be the one ghosting you. 
  • Alysia does have a boy toy now, and is open to real love in whatever form it comes in. 



  • “I eat good four days, and the other three I’m chowing down.” 
  • “They don’t make a ton of gym clothes for hooters this big.” 
  • “You meet people and it all is meant to be in some way.” 
  • “When I’m 85 I want to look back and think ‘Goddamn, I was hot’.” 
  • “Give me a Ford Focus with suicide doors and I’m good.” 



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