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Dumb Blonde

Aug 21, 2019

Kayleigh Swenson, aka the Viking Barbie, has lived a life and then some. She’s felt like an outcast from a young age, was addicted to drugs by the time she was a teen, then found sobriety and used her story to help others by opening The Viking House. Kayleigh talks with Bunnie about what led her from poetry to the rap game, what’s next for her in music, and embracing the rocky ups and downs of mental health. 

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  • Kayleigh is originally a Texas gal - her mom was a dancer and her dad, Jeep Swenson, was a well known actor (Bane in Batman & Robin) and wrestler. They moved out to California to pursue Jeep’s acting career. 
  • Before she was Viking Barbie, Kayleigh was often called Gothic Barbie. She was blonde, emo, and often felt like an outcast. 
  • Kayleigh is super open about her own story, because it can serve as a survival guide for someone else. She started doing drugs at 16, and was doing them consistently up until about age 25. 
  • Kayleigh’s life lessons she learned about herself in both drug use and sobriety are put to use with the recovery home called the Viking House. 
  • Writing poetry came naturally to Kayleigh at a young age, and that combined with her love of underground hip hop and Snoop led her to pursue rap. Her song with Tech N9ne, “All the Way to the Bank” and Crooked I “My Heart Belongs to Daddy” will be coming out soon. No wonder she’s like the Marilyn Monroe of hot rappers. 
  • Just like most of us, Kayleigh has days where she feels super fine and on top of the world and others where she feels self doubt. Her advice to get through the tough days is to eat right, keep working out, and keep supportive people around you. 
  • We all need a friend like Kayleigh. She gave KarmaRX her first orgasm, the gift that just keeps giving. 



  • “I can blend in, but I prefer to be alone.” 
  • “I’ve done crazy ass sh*t, people wouldn’t even believe half of it.” 
  • “If a guy isn’t obsessed and on his knees for me, ya gotta go.” 



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