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Dumb Blonde

Aug 7, 2019

Blimes Brixton and Gifted Gab join Bunnie this week to talk about the crazy night in Seattle that started their career, when they will drop the next album, and what it’s like to be two successful female rappers coming together to break the mold as a duo. They also talk about their background in music and how it influences their joint style, how their single “Come Correct” blew up and broke the internet, and why they don’t need to sell their sexuality to be on top of the game. Bunnie also gives them a super special BFF quiz to see how well they really know the fun stuff about each other like horrible dates, favorite breakfast foods and songs to get in the mood.

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  • Blimes and Gab met in person one debaucherous night (maybe new album title?!) in Seattle. They already had much digital respect for each other, and found they complimented each others style. They fought off some crazy people, realized they had each other’s backs, and it was friendship ever since.
  • Blimes is originally from San Francisco and Gab is from Seattle. They are each influenced by artists and music from all over the world, and music has been a part of each of their lives since they were young.
  • Blimes was a battle rapper
  • “Come Correct” was their first unintentional project as a duo. The internet loved what they heard, saw how original they are together and it caught a ton of people’s attention.
  • Blimes and Gab have been in the game so long together that they are both meticulous about their business and confident about their worth. They are in charge of all their own business decisions, and are their own creative directors.
  • Comfort is the bottom line, and their nature isn’t overtly sexual. If they feel like being sexy, it’s for themselves.
  • Blimes finds it a little more accepting now than 2017 to be in the LGBTQ community. She remembers a time when it wasn’t cool to be different, and remembers of y’all that tried to hold her back.
  • The Blimes and Gab joint album will be coming out soon, with a tour to follow. In the meantime, check out each of their solo work. Blimes just released her album Castles in the spring, and Gab released Cause and Effect.



  • “I’ll be a zombie and eat motherf*ckers when a girl tries to fight me, dude.”
  • “Nothing solidifies a friendship like beating ass together, I swear.”
  • “Every hat that you have to wear, we wear it.”



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