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Dumb Blonde

Jul 24, 2019

Bunnie knows there’s no one out there who couldn’t benefit from getting some genius white trash hacks to take the life game up a notch. This week she and unofficial co-host FeFe King cover some white trash life hacks everyone has to know, from boxes of wine to chicken breasts to tea baggin’ your shoes. Get out your lint rollers, foil curtains, and Miracle Whip and jump right in.

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  • Need a spray bottle but don’t have one? An iron will do the trick to spritz out the water you need. While you have that iron out, don’t forget to flat iron your hair!
  • Don’t even have an iron handy? Steam your clothes by hanging them in the shower. You will be the most fashionable white trasher out there.
  • Looking to start a fire, or burn some evidence? Dryer lint and hand sanitizers are both great firestarter when nothing else is around.
  • White trash women know how to take chicken cutlets to a whole new level. A couple of these silicone suckers and the girls will be squeezed and lifted better than you could imagine.
  • Don’t have the time or money to go to the salon for that dye job? Lemon juice works wonders to lighten the hair.
  • Have a cut but no Band-Aids? In the white trash hospital we use tape or Super Glue.
  • Tea bag anything that smells in your life. Shoes, boxing gloves, you name it and a tea bag in it will help lessen the stank.
  • Impress your friends as the white trash Martha Stewart with some foil drapes or curtains made from bed sheets.
  • Try to only drink half the wine box, leave the half for another day or someone else.
  • Hopefully you don’t have to pick up dog sh*t with BBQ tongs like Bunnie did, but it works if nothing else is around.
  • Brighten your day with a flower pot made from a mini trash can, or an ashtray made from that mini flower pot!
  • Fefe’s White Trash Hacks of color coding your keys and putting your cookies in a muffin tin are just plain good ideas.
  • Jelly swears by lint rollers, and so should you.
  • Kids don’t have a summer camp to go to? Set out a huge plastic sheet in the yard and they will be slipping and sliding for hours.
  • Even White Trash people hopefully like regular mayonnaise better than Miracle Whip.
  • The side of the road also serves as a great place to browse for potential furniture and decor.



  • “You have to try everything at least once before you say you don’t like it.”
  • “In my house, we had to drink our blood or lick it off.”
  • “If you can’t duck it, then f*ck it.”
  • “We aren’t trashy on the inside, just the outside.”
  • “You have to be white trash to enjoy some Miracle Whip.”
  • “Why trash it, when you can burn it?”



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