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Dumb Blonde

Jul 10, 2019

Live and direct from their home base wearing nothing but his boxer shorts, the one and only Jason Deford, aka Jelly / Daddy, joins Bunnie today on the podcast. You may think you know J now, but Bunnie asks questions no one knows the answers to (besides her) about J’s first kiss, first time he had sex, his biggest fears, what’s next for him on tour, and how this country dude fell in love with a West Coast chick. 

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  • J loves meeting all of y’all on tour, and this last run has exceeded every expectation he had. When he tells his own stories and you guys take them as your own, it’s so cool and everyone becomes one big crazy family. 
  • J and Bunnie are cursed in the funniest way when it comes to tour buses, between the ass of their bus dragging and sparkling, $15k in maintenance and some cop drama. #fuckgreg. 
  • J’s first kiss was from a girl Krista, and his first sexual encounter was getting blown next to a group home. He’s always had a thing for ratchets and hey, you gotta take what you can get. 
  • Many rappers and musicians have inspired J, but one of the first was Tupac in 94/95. 
  • Bullying sucks, but hang in there. It shapes your character and makes you tougher. 
  • Daddy’s had many hair styles, including a time where he had braids so long he could tuck them in his belt loop. 
  • Any of you a midget or know one? If so, come party with J — he is obsessed with them. 
  • Yes — he would for sure go on tour with Tech N9ne, and thinks all the Strange Music Company folks are super cool. 
  • Bunnie and Jelly met while he was touring in Vegas and it was lust, love, and fate all in one night. She could never picture herself with a country dude, but both immediately fell hard for each other. 
  • J has so many favorite songs it’s hard to choose, but some of his top ones currently are “Same Asshole”,  “Love the Heartless”, “Glitter” and “Smoking Section”. 
  • J’s advice for a child who has a parent struggling with addiction: above everything else, protect the kid at all cost. 
  • Shrooms or Acid? Super easy for J — shrooms. Acid is super intense and shrooms are easier to microdose and control. 
  • Coming at you soon will be The Jelly and Bunny Show! It will be on Jelly’s YouTube and will host everything not related to his music. Podcasts, videos, vlogs, you can all find it all there. 



  • “We are this big fucked up family and I love it.” 
  • There are no amount of words that can out do an action.” 
  • “What is it about bus drivers that they get so crunk?” 
  • “I try to only do things when I can do them with a good spirit.” 
  • “I discover a new tattoo on J every time he gets naked in front of me.” 
  • “Pain is international man.”


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