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Dumb Blonde

Jul 3, 2019

You asked her, and today she answers. Bunnie sits down to answer all of your questions: the weird, the nosy, and the downright perverted. The great Mrs. Fefe King joins in to moderate, as they talk about everything from how much money she spends on herself a month, her bad gas the first night of stripping, getting through cheating, how much she will do in a threesome and much more.  

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  • Bunnie is a much more natural gal in Nashville then her Vegas days, so the monthly beauty cost is much lower. Hair, tanning, and nails are the staples, and once in a while she throws in a few G’s for the botox. 
  • Size kinda matters, but big dicks hurt! They give you UTIs, and scramble our organs. 
  • Why does Bunnie wear no clothes you ask? Honey, if you got it, flaunt it. Plus, no one wore clothes in Vegas. 
  • Bunnie was determined to find natural solutions to her anxiety, and found a vitamin regimen that greatly helped her. Check it out here
  • Life can be rough and kick us around sometimes, but put a time limit on how you feel sorry for yourself, then stand up and get back in the game. There is so much power in taking the reins of your own life and making trauma your literal bitch. Use the pain as ammo to make yourself stronger and as fuel to accomplish your dreams. 
  • Bunnie’s real name? Alysa. There. Don’t wear it out, or say it again. 
  • When it comes to threesomes, orgies and sex, Bunnie says the more the merrier. However, emotional cheating (or any kind of cheating) is just not cool. 
  • The first night of dancing at Cheetahs in Vegas, someone asked Bunnie to kick them in the balls. It was a while before she returned again, and nope, she doesn’t dance anymore. 



  • “I like a simple penis.” 
  • “If you have a big dick everyday, you are going to be shitting out babies without epidurals.” 
  • “Everytime I try to contour my face I look like a goddamn lion.” 
  • “With every brick that is thrown at me, I use it to stand on.” 
  • “Unless I know the bitch, I am not eating the pussy.” 
  • “Never let your man leave home with his tank or belly empty.” 
  • “Find the blessing in the lesson.”



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